Living in a studio apartment is not that spooky. As long as you are able to decorate everything inside and clear clutter. It seems like a little heaven. Rather than staying in a large house, a simple studio apartment will be much better for the one who lives alone.

A fence will work as a tool to create or break your outdoor look appeal. It has more function than a secure space and marks boundaries. It could also use as the edging to frame the garden, highlight the landscape design, and as a focal point for frontage. All the interesting ideas are in Appealing Outdoor Fence Design That Has More Function Than Just A Secure Space.

Due to the easy-going evening of spring and summer months, your home balcony is important to gather your guests and enjoy refreshing cocktails. The outdoor space can magically turn into a romantic gateway with great furniture and arrangement. All the ideas are rounded up in Unpredictably Charming Decorating Ideas To Turn Your Balcony Into A Romantic Gateway.