It is so challenging for an architect to apply bricks for a modern or contemporary house design. Since brick usually used for traditional or industrial home design, it needs more effort to bring it into a modern approach. In this article, we will talk about a house exterior with bricks that so eye-catching

Have you prepared your self to take an adventure holiday for summer? What about spending time in a summerhouse with amazing views around. We guarantee that it will be nice and fun. Ask your friends or families to get rid of stress in a summerhouse will be a great idea. What you need to do is preparing everything needed for a certain period. Here we have a great building that merely called a summer house to inspire you.

Everyone knows that Easter is an open invitation to take your party outside since on the outside the temperature is already warm (not in winter anymore). Therefore, presenting a refreshing outdoor for spring Easter is important. Here is the collected idea for  Revitalizing Easter Outdoor Decoration Ideas To Refresh Your Everyday Spirit.

Living in a flat with rustic touches will make us feel warm and relax. After working in the office all day long, taking a rest in a gorgeous flat will be much more fun. It should have everything we need and provides spaces that flexible.