We live in a modern area where the loft is already taken by rich people. The rest will live in apartments, condominium, or small houses. However, we don’t have to feel worry. The designers are more creative to creat e a dwelling that will comfy enough for a family. In this article, we will show you an apartment that made in 52 square meter layout with three bedrooms.

Boys usually love sports. So, designing their room in sport theme would be nice. It can be with football posters, hockey wall mural, or other sports accessories. However, we need to consider that some of items may create clutter. If you are looking for boys’ room with athletic feeling, you are in the right site. See our lists below that will give you more inspiring ideas about sport theme bedrooms.

Scandinavian apartments play up the importance of light in each room. We will find white colors more in each interior that usually works well with other neutral hues like beige or light brown. There will be some wooden furniture items as well. However, in this article, we will discuss a Scandinavian apartment with at least one modernistic twist.