VivIenda Madreselva Em Salinas , Asturias , Espanha Do Atelier D
VivIenda Madreselva Em Salinas , Asturias , Espanha Do Atelier D

Family Residence Built On The Coastal Town With Trapezoid-Shaped Lot

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Having a family residence might the only solution for the one who has a large family. They should stay in a big house where there are many bedrooms for each person. In this article, we are going to talk about a house for single-family living with modern design. The home is built with an asymmetrical ā€œLā€ shape with grey and white colors and glasses that so gorgeous. Check out the interior of the house below!

VivIenda Madreselva Em Salinas , Asturias , Espanha Do Atelier D

The facade of the house deals with zinc materials seen in the roof and upper walls. The lower floor used for the living room, dining space, and kitchen nook that designed in an open floor plan. It has a barbeque area outdoor too. Look at the jacuzzi that looks so refreshing.

VivIenda Madreselva Em Salinas , Asturias , Espanha Do Atelier D

Look at this interior with a minimalist and modern decor in which bright colors dominate the room. The wooden deck is a nice place to spend afternoon time with a glass of tea. Then, the dining area has decorated well with a white table and wooden chairs that have a direct connection to the island.


In the kitchen, we can see the white cabinet with modern appliances. Look at the white countertops that so clean and neat. Furthermore, we love the glass window with white lines that adds more texture but still attain natural light.


This warm living area is decorated well in a simple look with grey, white, and light woods. Look at the built-in cabinet that has the same material as the stairs and wall. The owner installs a light grey area rug to add warmth and coziness. The traditional style wooden chair and a round side table look nice and interesting.


Coming to the upper level of the house we will see a reading nook that sometimes used as the home office area too. It has a wooden built-in bench with storage underneath. This area looks so warm and calm with wooden flooring.


Here is one of the bedrooms on this level that has done in a modern look. The glass windows let more natural light to come and enlighten this sleeping area throughout the day. Even, it looks nice with a study area or home office nook. There are more bedrooms in this house designed in a similar way.


Another bedroom with minimalist style looks nice with a white bedding and wooden side table. We love the table lamp in this bedroom with a cute design. Even it has a cool framed picture on the wall to break the white. We can see the glimpses of the bathroom.


The bathroom is also done in a minimalist look with a powder room next to the shower area. There is a rectangular mirror that reflects the light.



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